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Your Business Needs a Computer!

A purposefully Built
Business Computer

Starting at $1450

Custom Comptuers For Business

  • Lighting Fast Operation
  • Up to to 5 screens
  • Windows 10 pro
  • 1 Year Warranty and remote support
  • Free installation available in certain regions
  • Optimized for "ALOT" of browser tabs
  • Built to run many online applications simultaneously
  • i7 or Amd Ryzen
  • At least 32gb of Ram
  • SSD only
  • USB-C, USB-3.0
  • HDMI, Display Port, DVI-D
  • At Stech we have seen a lot of computers and have load of experience with fixing and managing workstations. One big question always comes up with business owners is how to maximize the output with minimal input? Long load times, choppy and slow performance do not add up to maximum output. Your employee wants to perform, but the workstation is not resourceful enough to allow it.
    So, we built this workstation – Business Workstation. Its optimized for heavy browser usage, web applications and more. Each workstation comes with i7 or AMD RYZEN (6 core minimum) Processor, at least 32gb RAM, SSD m.2 512Gb Drive, Licensed Windows 10 Professional, Sleek Case, wired or wireless mouse and keyboard accessories.
    We provide 1-year warranty and remote support, Free onsite installation available in certain regions and Free Shipping. The process of buying is described below, and always feel free to contact us for any questions
    Custom Business Workstation

    Fill out Request Form Below

    Please Fill out our Workstation Request Form, We Respond with our recommendation for your business need and its a first step for getting your equipment


    Will send you an invoice for required workstation specs, once paid the computer will be shipped within 5-10 business days (unless you want to purchase a workstation that's already in stock)

    Warranty and Support

    We provide 1 year warranty for parts and software installed by STECH, easy remote sessions can be scheduled on our website (verified buyers only). Free Installations & setups are available in some areas.

    Request Form

      Do you know which CPU you need?
      Intel i7Intel i9AMD Ryzen 5AMD Ryzen 7I don't know

      Please Select amount of RAM (memory)
      32gb65gbI don't know

      Storage Drive Size
      512gb1TBI don't know

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