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Business Phone Services

Let Stech Group manage your company’s technology with precision strategies tailored for small business. We have the IT support expertise to take care of your day to day operation.

Business phone, video, chat, and file sharing all on one platform

Starting at $19.99/m

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Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services
Managed IT Services

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    Lose the complexity, enjoy the productivity of the all-in-one business communications cloud

    business phone services


    Stay connected no matter where your office is. 90+ features, including HD voice & unlimited domestic calling (Canada, US and PR).

    business phone services


    Securely engage with your customers from wherever with 720p HD audio/ video, screen sharing, and interactive presentation tools.

    business phone services


    Break away from your inbox. Communicate with coworkers in real- time with individual and team chat.

    business phone services


    Share and collaborate on files securely from any location. Full file management including real-time backup and restore.

    Equipment Offered FREE

    We offer Yealink, Poly VoIP equipment at Free *not all device models apply

    Business phone, video, chat, and file sharing all on one platform


    Elevate enables workers to collaborate from anywhere, on any device.


    No phone system hardware to buy, install, manage, upgrade, or replace.


    Elevate delivers 99.999% reliability, so you’re never out of touch.


    You’ll be up and running in no time without the headaches.


    Elevate scales according to the needs of any business.


    Elevate keeps businesses connected and running even if the power goes out.

    Communicate and collaborate from any device

    business phone services


    The Elevate Desktop App allows users to place calls, chat, host or join a video conference, and share files right from their Mac or PC.


    Seamlessly switch your workspace to any Apple or Android smart device with the Elevate Mobile App.


    Pre-configured phones connect to the feature- rich Elevate service wherever they’re plugged in.

    Calculate Your Savings Here

    Just because your business phone system is paid for, it doesn’t mean your business communications and collaboration is free.

    Use the calculator below to see how much you are likely paying today and what a move to Elevate, the all-in-one cloud communications and collaboration solution will save you.

    Saving Big with Elevate and Contact Center

    How many employees in your business?

    Existing business phone system & service ?This is an on-premise phone system (sometimes referred to as a PBX) or a physical phone system that is either owned or leased by the business and stored at the business's main premises or in its data center.

    Average Business Communications Costs


    Phone System 

    Cost / User

    Telecom - Local and Long Distance ?Cost per user based on average trunk/on-prem PBX of $20. Cost per user will decrease as number of users increases. Unlimited long distance included in cost per user.


    Service or Parts Charges ?Monthly costs for replacing broken elements, upgrades or expansions.


    Support and Software Upgrades ?Monthly costs for any software upgrades or additional support needed. This is also known as a Software Assurance Contact (SwA).


    Which Collaboration Tools Does Your Business Use?


    Web / Video Conferencing ?Platform or application used for video meetings.


    Chat/Instant Messaging Tools ?A service that provides the exchange of near-real-time messages through a standalone application or embedded software. These could be one-to-one messages or group messages.


    File Storage and Backup ?A service that securely stores and maintains files across devices, and provides real-time back-up and restoration of files.


    Company-paid Mobile Phone Service ?Mobile phone service paid for by an individual's employer for business use only. This is usually a separate phone and service from the individual's personal mobile phone or could be reimbursed to the employee for the use of their personal phone for business purposes.


    Business Texting (SMS) ?Business inbound and outbound texting – cost based on 500 messages included in the plan.




    ELEVATE PRO / user

    Telecom - Local and Long Distance


    Service or Parts Charges


    Support and Software Upgrades


    Web/Video Conferencing
    (Up to Participants)


    Chat/Instant Messaging Tools


    File Storage and Backup ( GB)


    Company-paid Mobile Phone Service


    Business Texting (SMS)




    YOUR potential savings WITH ELEVATE PRO


    Savings after 10 years

    Monthly Savings


    Yearly Savings


    Savings after 5 years


    Great Customer Experiences Can Save You Money

    What Do Missed Calls Cost You?



    Money Lost for
    Every Missed Call


    Economic uncertainty means customers are even more careful about where they're spending their money. Good customer experiences have quickly become one of the top factors in customer buying decisions.

    Something as simple as answering a call can be the difference between a future sale and a customer lost to a competitor. Just how much could eliminating missed calls save you in lost revenue?

    Use our missed call calculator to find out!

    Stop missing customer calls

    There could be numerous reasons why you’re missing calls and Contact Center can help.

    • Call queues let customers wait for the next available employee versus getting a busy signal or voicemail.
    • Queued callback lets callers enter a phone number and be called back instead of waiting on hold.
    • Use interactive voice response (IVR) to let customers get information (e.g., account balance, shipping status, lab results, etc.) without needing an employee.
    • Webchat, SMS Texting, and Email queues reduce call volumes, increase convenience for customers, and improve employee efficiency when interacting.

    Contact us to find out more.

    Elevate + Contact Center Advantages

    Save Time and Money

    Elevate + Contact Center Self-Service Tools

    With tightening budgets and a lack of personnel it can be hard to find the resources to deliver good customer experiences. Contact Center helps customers get answers to common questions using self-service tools like interactive voice response  – which means more calls deflected which frees your team to deliver a five-star experience.

    How much could you save by not hiring more employees using self-service tools?

    Find out using our self-service calculator.

    How Much Money Does Self-Service Save You?



    Money You Could
    Save Per Day



    This Cloud Communications Savings Calculator (this “Tool”) is for illustrative purposes only. It is not a guarantee of financial results, nor does it constitute financial advice. This Tool uses information you supply to provide an estimate of your potential savings when purchasing Elevate user licensing. The accuracy of the estimated savings presented in this Tool will depend upon the accuracy of the variables you enter, the types and pricing of the Elevate user licenses actually purchased, and other factors, including your specific situation. All amounts inserted into, and generated by, this Tool are denominated in U.S. Dollars.­ The results generated in this Tool are estimates and should only be used as a guide to evaluate the potential savings when deploying Elevate. The actual economic results realized will vary, and there is no guarantee of financial results.­ Any estimate generated by this Tool is not, and should not be interpreted as, either a contract or a promise of a contract, and is not a quote for services. Elevate and its affiliates do not and cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the results generated by this Tool. Elevate and its affiliates are not responsible for discrepancies between the results calculated by this Tool and the actual cost. The ultimate responsibility for achieving savings results remains with the purchaser of the services (not Elevate). This Tool is intended for use by business customers only; it is not intended for use by individual consumers or for individual/consumer purposes.

    * To anywhere in the United States, Canada, or Puerto Rico.

      All in US $

    What Customers Are Saying

    Have worked with STech Group for nearly a decade! On small and large scale projects. Start ups, revamps, integrations, etc. Systems always function with fail safes in place. High quality products and top notch service. Never any issues with emergency tech support needed, and in the event of an issue, they are always aware of it before I can even report it and working on correcting it.
    daniel gilbert
    daniel gilbert
    I've been working with them for about 15 years. With the dynamic nature of our buisness there are constant challenges presented. They are always ready to tackle any situation, never have I heard NO. Knowledgeable timely and the ability to make me (the most computer illiterate) feel safe in an environment that's so difficult to understand. You can't ask for a better partner.
    Paul Lakich
    Paul Lakich
    My overall experience with Stech Group is really great. As a small business owner of  Fireproof Design, I rely on reliable and dependable support for all my IT and networking needs. Not only does Stech  Group provide excellent customer service, it also supports my day to day needs within reasonable response time. This exemplary service paired with fair pricing makes me overall very satisfied with the Stech Group service. I highly recommend.
    Anna Barokha
    Anna Barokha
    It was my lucky day when STech came into my business life. We needed tech support, but I was nervous about finding the right connection. Not only is STech professional, but they're responsive and always able to help with our needs. STech has helped with many areas of tech support for my business (hardware support, software support, website development and implementation, and overall maintenance). I am please to be able to call STech a valuable part of our team!
    Karen Holmes
    Karen Holmes
    We've been using STech Group for our IT needs for many years now. Our experience has been all positive. STech is competent, responsive, and economical. I highly recommend STech for IT services.
    Inventive Law Inc.
    Inventive Law Inc.
    We had work performed by STech Group and were very impressed with the company. Ivan is responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable!! Prices are reasonable and service is top notch. I would highly recommend STech Group to others.
    Cathy Getty
    Cathy Getty
    Always available, knowledgeable, tech problem solver. A+
    Alex Banashko
    Alex Banashko
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